Whole Health Helps Churches Like Yours Bring Smiles to the Community

Bring hope and smiles to your community with the help of a Whole Health strategist.

Quality dental care is vital to the health and wellness of an individual, but for many, the cost may be too high for regular dental visits. With a lack of access to affordable dental care, families may choose to skip routine dental check-ups and procedures.

This problem is all too familiar in Kentucky. The member churches of the Kentucky Baptist Convention saw this issue and wanted to find a way to help as many Kentuckians as possible to smile again with healthy, clean teeth. That’s when they turned to Whole Health, an organization that offers healthcare support and resources to the masses. Whole Health relies on donations from area businesses, as well as partnerships with local churches.

Through a partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Whole Health was able to equip churches in 10 Kentucky counties with the resources to offer free dental services to their parishioners and neighboring community members.

Throughout this three-year partnership, some significant accomplishments included:

  • Nearly 200 tooth extractions were completed.
  • More than 1,000 people received free dental and medical aid.

Another big win was the use of the Seed to Oaks Electronic Health Records (EHR) service at two churches in Louisville, KY. Volunteer providers were able to serve each patient in the most professional way while using the tools they are used to having in their daily work. Two hundred thirty-six neighbors in need were served by Electronic Health Records at these two churches.

Adapting the Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Spring dental clinics were canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Whole Health is working with churches to figure out new and innovative ways to serve the community. Possible solutions include socially-distanced services or even drive-thru services.

Together, Whole Health and churches across the nation can help their community stay healthy, even during difficult circumstances. The clinics were a huge success in Kentucky, and can be in your community as well!

Bring Health and Dental Clinics to Your Area Through a Whole Health Partnership

If your church sees a need in the community for affordable dental or medical care, consider a partnership with Whole Health. You can bring valuable dental and medical services to those in your pews and in the neighborhood at large, ensuring neighbors who truly need it are getting quality care. Bring hope and smiles to your church members and beyond through a Whole Health partnership.

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