What Is OASIS?

OASIS is designed to give the families of children who are learning remotely a safe, welcome refuge and place of refreshment in the midst of the pandemic.

‎When COVID 19 began to spread across the globe, no one could predict the impact it would have across every sector of society.  One of the biggest to suffer has been education.  Educators, students, and their families have been rocked by the changes they’ve had to make just to stay afloat.  Schools nationwide are still closed, facing working parents with an impossible dilemma:  Go to work or stay home and supervise their children’s learning.  That’s why Seed to Oaks developed the OASIS initiative.

OASIS is an initiative designed to give parents of children who are learning remotely a safe, supportive place for their students to participate in virtual learning while they’re at work–a welcome refuge and place of refreshment in the midst of the pandemic.  Churches or other organizations open their doors, using empty space and volunteer or paid staff to turn their facilities into remote learning hubs.  Parents can drop off their children during program hours, knowing that their children will be cared for and assisted as they complete virtual schoolwork.

The OASIS manual includes everything needed to carry out the initiative and comes with the expertise of a consultant who can help guide you through the process.  Providing this educational service to families in need is a way for you to do your part to ensure our children continue to learn in a safe, caring environment.

If you’re a church or organization interested in becoming an OASIS or a community member who would like to invest in this opportunity, contact Oaks Learning Manager Julie Cordray, jcordray@seedtooaks.com for a free consultation. https://seedtooaksappointments.as.me/OLstrategycall

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