Meet Health Needs Using Whole Health Initiatives

You can serve community health needs over the winter. You may be just who the doctor ordered. Don’t forget about the importance of checking in with neighbors during the pandemic. Think of the joy you will bring with small acts of kindness.

As the number of COVID cases continues to swell in many cities and towns in the United States, community members are confused and wondering how to stay healthy and safe. Enter Whole Health, in partnership with local churches. Using Whole Health programs, churches are implementing simple health programs based on some of the things that are already happening at the local church, such as creating wish lists and holding donation drives, and now with Whole Health’s guidance, mobilizing healthcare professionals within their membership to meet health needs in their communities, safely and efficiently.

Parking lot and drive through health events have been health-sustaining in the last several months. From simple department store “wish list” asks and donations for church member personal protective equipment (PPE) to coordinating with national pharmacies, like Walgreens, to host Flu Shot clinics in the local church’s parking lot, Whole Health has been pivoting, planning, and providing information to keep churches functioning in ways to show their neighborhoods love and support. There are several health initiatives and clinics that churches have, or are able to, participate in or host at your church to meet the health needs of your neighbors. We have listed a few below.

Dental hygiene kit drive-through

Over the counter pharmacy clinic

Flu shot clinic 

If you are a church leader or a healthcare professional interested in beginning or expanding a health ministry at your church, please schedule a complimentary call at:

Let’s begin to build on and grow your health clinic plans.

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