How can we help?

Throne of Grace Church is not assuming they have the answers to their neighborhoods needs. They are stepping in with genuine interest and caring.

Throne of Grace Church in Prospect, Ky, has been led by God to move to a community not far from where they currently meet. As they begin their journey to a new neighborhood, they have decided to be intentional and learn the dreams and needs of their new neighbors. One way they have committed to understanding their community is by using the Neighborhood 360˚ process to better understand the history and hopes of the people who already live there.
What an incredible opportunity to be the neighbor we are all called to be. One member of the church said, “We know God has called us to serve our neighbors, but we don’t want to assume we know the real needs, and by taking the time to listen, we hope to immediately make a true and lasting impact.” I can’t think of a better way to begin a ministry than by asking “How can we help?”

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