Good News in Changing Times

Summer is here!  With it comes a feeling of change and feelings of moving forward.  People in our ever- changing world and those right here in our community are looking at a job in a whole new way. We at Job One have been hearing a lot of changes that are going on within the workforce in the last few months.

The Pandemic brought with it a level of uncertainty for the workforce, thoughts of new careers and remote job possibilities.  Many people have quit their jobs for different reasons in the last two years and there are so many reasons why. People are wanting an uncomplicated life – and this includes a job.  Some are wanting more time with their families and many people have decided to figure out a whole new career path.

Business owners are still being affected by the pandemic around the world. They may be operating at half the staff, modified business hours and limited supplies.

Here is the good news…. businesses are currently hiring and some of those hiring are in desperate need of employees!  This is the optimal time to find a job, get a better job or change careers.  Business owners need you and Job One can help connect you!

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