Four Places to Look Before Your Clinic

It’s not difficult to see the power of a good community assessment. Knowing a community – its healthcare needs, dreams, values and wants – is key to unlocking your congregation’s health ministry potential.

A firm grasp on local health barriers and the realities of healthcare for your neighbors will help you plan your clinic.

Here are four places to look to get the information you need:

  1. Look Up – Successful health clinics are founded on prayer. Seek God’s perspective on your community and follow His promptings.
  2. Look Around – Take a few minutes to describe your community. Consider what has changed in the health of your neighbors in the past decade.
  3. Look Out – Identify the barriers to healthcare that your community is faced with everyday.
  4. Look Within – Who in your congregation knows the community well or has special skills that can be utilized in a health initiative?

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