Does Job One make a difference?

Every month Job One joins many other service providers, community agencies, churches and businesses in our city to create better services for those that need support when looking for work.  Whether it’s guidance, a job connection, a referral to services or answers to questions – Job One exists to connect a job seeker to a church that is willing to learn job readiness solutions..

With so many resources available to people in our city, there are times when we might wonder… is our small nonprofit really making a difference?

The answer is, yes ~ we do make a difference!  We work together and alongside churches to provide important workforce programs for the community.  Using this model we are able to create a more personal program for an individual and their specific employment needs. We are able to meet with an individual and talk about concerns and issues that larger providers may not have the time or resources to address.  When they are needed, we are able to call upon our larger community partners at any time to assist us in providing opportunities and the best possible outcome for a person in need.

By creating these partnerships and sharing our knowledge, we are transforming our small nonprofit into a large resource of information that is invaluable to those seeking employment opportunities.

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