Job One loves our partnerships. We seek to collaborate with churches, citizens, businesses, and community partners. Many of our partnerships are with community partners which are businesses for profit or nonprofit that support people and provide resources for those in need. Kentuckiana Works is one of these partners and they are heading up the job […]

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Schedule Your Health Clinic!

When you decide a health clinic is needed at your church, you utilize our expertise, our guidance and materials (manual, workbook and forms are available) but by supporting your neighborhood with your own church community’s healthcare expertise you show a commitment to care for your community. Once you have the go ahead from your church […]

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Local Churches Can Meet Health Needs

Faith communities are often the first point of contact for those who are experiencing mental health, social, or spiritual issues. Many people turn to faith communities for guidance and support. However, many faith communities are not adequately equipped to deal with all the needs of their members and their communities. There is a need for […]

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Is Now a Good Time For a New Job?

Are you thinking about a new job? Maybe a new career? If so, now is the time! You may be thinking there is something better out there for you.  Maybe it’s crossed your mind, but you can’t find the encouragement to make a move.  With the economy currently changing, businesses are looking for quality employees […]

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Churches Hold Health Solutions

America is facing a health crisis. Today, many Americans die and are disabled from health conditions that are greatly impacted by lifestyles. The United States has the highest rate of obesity in the world, with nearly a third of adults considered obese. Obesity is not just a physical problem but also leads to many other […]

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Is It Time To Host A Health Clinic?

In our Whole Health Clinic Manual, we guide you through deciding if hosting a clinic is right for you and your church. Is this a needed and wanted ministry in your community? The ministry may be right but you may not be the right person to lead it. Or, you may be the right leader […]

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Church Members Help Make Healthier Families in Their Neighborhood

Churches are everywhere in communities, but many of them are inward focused and forget about the surrounding community. But what if the church was outward focused and helped the people around them? Today I want to share a way for the church to help the community through health initiatives. […]

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Job One is Expanding

In celebration of Black History month, Job One partnered with businesses, community agencies and churches at a gospel event in Shelbyville, KY.  We came together at an already planned community gathering to support and encourage workforce solutions. This community interaction allowed the people of Shelbyville to know which businesses are hiring and what services are […]

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