Whole Health is the Prescription for Unmet Health Needs

We can all agree that there are a lot of unmet health needs in the United States. The delay of regular health visits and lapse of care for some of those who suffer chronic diseases, due to the pandemic has been devastating to neighborhoods whose cities are moving on and starting to see life return to “normal”. So many more questions than answers have been provided about health, healthcare, its systems and its future. The beauty of Seed to Oaks is that we have always been remote and we have always believed that the church holds some of the answers.

Seed to Oaks does not have to be in your city in order for you to provide our impactful initiatives, including Whole Health. Whole Health is not a direct service healthcare provider but through our strategist we train your team to make connections with existing assets and in existing pathways your church may already have. We do not arrive with a team of professionals, treat your neighbors and leave the area, and you, feeling dependent on Whole Health, but we train faith communities to recruit health professionals who are already attending that church to meet healthcare needs that your health professionals are best positioned to recognize and best trained to treat.

Whole Health will walk you through the how-tos (processes), and the guidance to plan, execute and follow up after your health initiative. We encourage you to take a fresh look at the professional gifts and talents already held by your Church and put those skills to work for the glory of God.

If the greatest desire in your community is a health initiative, we can help you start the planning process next week. Find out more and schedule time to talk. http://seedtooaks.com/whole-health/

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